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ERP is an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning, which businesses in every industry utilize to manage their processes. ERP is especially important for manufacturing companies, who must manage complex production planning, materials resource planning and engineering change planning in addition to front office and financial operations.

The resources on this page will help you learn more about ERP, specifically in the context of a manufacturing operation. To speak directly with a member of the MAX team about your ERP project click here to request contact.

What is ERP?

As one of the longest standing ERP vendors, the fundamentals of ERP seem second nature to us here at MAX, and it isn't until we're posed with questions like, "what actually is ERP?" or, “how do I know if my manufacturing company would benefit from ERP?” that we're reminded of how complex (and even intimidating) the topic can seem to someone who's new to the world of ERP. A quick Google search doesn’t fully answer these questions either, which is what prompted us to write this eBook.

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The Keys to ERP: An Inside Look at Manufacturing Operations

Throughout the years, we’ve found that our most successful ERP power-users base their ERP strategy on a few key foundational manufacturing operations principles. These principles are what guide a successful ERP strategy, allowing a seamless system that compliments your business processes.

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MCS is at the Heart of ERP

A Manufacturing Control System (MCS) model visually expresses the design of any ERP system. Each component of the model represents an area of concern - for example: inventory, purchasing and bill of materials (BOM). Many of the components of an MCS are directly reflected in different areas of functionality of an ERP system.

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The Secret to Manufacturing Success

According to the Aberdeen Group, 97% of "leaders" in the manufacturing industry have implemented an ERP solution, in addition to 88% of "followers." Download the full report, Creating a Modern, Effective Manufacturing Environment with ERP, to learn how top manufacturers use technology to improve operating margins by 12%.

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Top 11 Benefits of Using ERP Software

It's getting tougher to stay competitive in the manufacturing industry. Companies are striving to become more efficient, ensure regulatory compliance, improve customer service, and more effectively utilize resources in order to stay competitive. Luckily, there's a solution to help accomplish all of these objectives.

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10 Questions to Ask ERP Vendors

Committing to a new ERP system for your organization can be one of the most stragtegic decisions you will ever make, because your ERP system affects your company's efficiency, productivity and ability to grow revenue for years to come. While many ERP systems have similar functionality and capabilities, there are subtle and not-so-subtle differences that can make one solution more appropriate for your company over another.

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