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The Business Case for ERP

ERP is a large investment that will impact nearly every area of your manufacturing business. Below you'll find resources to justify your software purchase and build a business case for ERP.

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8 Ways ERP Will Save You

In addition to creating efficiencies that ultimately save you time and money, ERP allows you to expand your operational focus beyond managing constraints to focus on proactive value-add. ERP saves you in unexpected ways by enabling growth, more accurate costing, and increased visibility into your business. Download our free eBook to find out all of the top ways ERP saves manufacturers.

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Building a Business Case for ERP

Justify cost and demonstrate the ROI of an ERP Initiative by following a few key steps that will help you establish a convincing business case for your ERP investment. Develop your case justifications, and follow along with a sample cost/ benefit analysis.

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The Benefits of Mobile ERP

Real-time access to your business data has never been more important. Learn why mobile ERP is essential for manufacturers and how device-independent ERP enables departments across your organization to collaborate and make informed decisions.

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MAX + Your Financial Package

The "Best of Breed" strategy ensures MAX is the best ERP package for manufacturers and seamlessly integrates with the best financial packages. Learn how MAX works with Intuit QuickBooks and Microsoft Dynamics GP by clicking the links below.

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How to Justify Upgrading Your ERP System

A company’s ERP system is its lifeblood. Small glitches can have major ramifications, which means that some companies hesitate to undertake any change when there's even the slightest potential for unplanned downtime or unexpected changes. Sadly, this risk avoidance behavior can actually expose a company to greater risk if updates aren't made when necessary. So, how do you know when it's necessary to upgrade your ERP? Download our eBook to find out.

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