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Prepare for ERP Implementation

ERP success starts long before your software is out of the box. It starts with thoughtful selection and implementation. Here you'll find resources and tools to propel your ERP project. Can't find the answer to a question you're looking for? Contact a MAX expert now.

ERP Selection and Implementation Toolkit

Your ERP initiative starts with research and planning. We're here to help by offering you tools in the form of worksheets that can easily be downloaded and shared-- so that you can focus your questions, organize your answers, and share conclusions.

Identify what you want/ need out of an ERP system with our Preparation Checklist, evaluate systems and vendor options with our Vendor Questionnaire Worksheet, and get more hands-on tools.

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The Three Loops of ERP

When starting to plan for ERP implementation, it can be helpful to use the "three loops" model, in which Planning, Operations/Execution and Accounting overlap and intersect.

It is from this overlapping nature that we draw the following principle: Do not design, or redesign any part of the system that negatively affects another part of the system. It seems simple enough, but is much more difficult in practice. Essentially the rule becomes: Beware the short cut.

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Best Practices for ERP Implementations

ERP implementations can feel overwhelming. It's tempting to think that once you've done the hard work of selecting a system and vendor, that your ERP initiative is complete. The little known secret is that ERP success is largely defined by how ERP is implemented. In this eBook, we walk you through the 5 key steps of a successful implementation, and point out the best practices for each.

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10 Questions to Ask ERP Vendors

ERP software is a big investment, and when you choose your software you're also starting a relationship with the vendor of your choice. Be certain your software and vendor can give you exactly what you need by asking these ten questions.

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Training Tips for Your New ERP System

One thing that can easily make or break any ERP implementation is the quality and quantity of user training. To make sure that your company doesn’t make the mistake of skimping on training, check out these tips.

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