Gain the flexibility to innovate.

Design and build your parts, track engineering changes and quality documentation

Track all of your processes, engineering change orders, and quality documents.

MAX ERP manufacturing software provides secure and structured tools that work together to translate the dynamic, largely unpredictable nature of business to the tightly controlled environment of your shop floor.

Bill of Materials

Build and maintain BOM's in one visual workspace, with all relevant information available, and maintain part information that enables product structure review from the top down or from the bottom up.

Engineering Change Order (ECO) Manager

Control the planning, process, documentation and implementation of ECOs with tools for defining parts, BOMs and documents, and gain real-time access to inventory, vendor, sales and transaction history records.

Feature Option Configurator

Build a selection defined by your product options to simplify the configuration of products. Roll up costs, and automatically create work orders linked to sales orders with the unique options selected.

Manufacturer's Part Control

Assign and control the relationship between internal MAX part identifiers and manufacturers' part numbers. Specify your Approved Manufacturers for explicit product structures, and MRP will plan using only Approved Manufacturers.

Warranty Tracking

Manage the warranty process to track defects in product designs, and generate repair or replacement orders efficiently.