Production Planning

Optimize your production process.

Production Planning and Control

Accurately track all of your production planning processes with software designed to work the way you do.
From the manufacturing processes you use in your own shop, to the critical information you must keep organized while managing your material through a subcontractor, MAX MRP manufacturing software offers production planning and control tools that enhance productivity and accuracy throughout the entire production process.

Shop Floor Control

Create shop orders, track work-in-process (WIP), maintain work center information and analyze shortages and backlogs.

Subcontract Processing

Tracks materials, shortages and overages through every step of the subcontract process. Each step has been automated, eliminating many manual transactions.

Repetitive Manufacturing

In a single transaction, receive a finished item and backflush all of the component items required to build the final assembly.

Labor Tracking

Track actual work performed by your employees for specific work order operations, allowing your MRP software to act as a time clock and resulting in more accurate run and setup times.

Bar Code Data Collection

Achieve optimal control of shop and material transactions from receiving to shipping and improve data accuracy by eliminating human entry error.

Lean Tools

Benefit from making your deployment of MAX “Leaner” whether or not you’ve invested in Lean principles to change the way you build things in the shop. These custom developed tools apply lean principles to the most demanding real world operations.

  • Backflush by Operations
  • Consolidated Planning & Pick
  • Lean Vouchering
  • Supplier KANBAN

Planner's Toolkit

Streamline processes associated with part routing, part searches, part master updates, and MRP simulations. The toolkits also help improve BOM management and analysis.