Materials Management

Control your flow of materials.

Materials Management Solutions

Fundamental and proven materials management principals provide a critical foundation for how MAX ERP manufacturing software controls the flow of material through your facility.

The constant ebb and flow of the materials you need to build products requires administration from many views. MAX Materials Management modules help you control the purchase, delivery and tracking of materials in the most efficient manner possible.


Material Requirements Planning (MRP) balances the supply and demand for all component parts needed to satisfy your Master Schedule.

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Purchasing Control

Create and print purchase orders, track purchased materials, maintain vendor information and predict your cash requirements.

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Inventory Control

Track and maintain inventory balances for each part you stock, including finished goods, assemblies, component parts and raw materials. Improve on-hand as well as inventory turnover visibility to increase accuracy and reduce overhead.

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Lot/Serial Tracking

Control and monitor, from receipt to shipment, the assignment of lot and/or serial numbers for components and finished goods.

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Repetitive Manufacturing

In a single transaction, receive a finished item and backflush all of the component items required to build the final assembly.

Master Scheduling

Plan production of finished goods, generate forecast orders and maintain customer demand for consistent and realistic production plans.

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Planning Simulation

Carry out “what if” ATP (available-to-promise) simulations so you can test the impact of scenarios before you implement them.

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Physical Inventory

Conduct an accurate, coordinated physical inventory program and with a critical final audit trail report that includes variances by part number.

Bar Code Data Collection

Achieve optimal control of shop and material transactions from receiving to shipping and improve data accuracy by eliminating human entry error.

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MAX Consignment Fact Sheet

The MAX Consignment module enables companies who sell products using a consignment sales model to account for consigned inventory and manage the consignment sales process in their MAX system – without the need for off-line tracking using spreadsheets or manual lists.

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