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Sales & Customer Service

The right software solutions for managing your customer service processes put you a step ahead of the competition.

MAX customer service management tools let you give them what they want so they’ll keep coming back for more. Companies that treat customer service as a top priority fortify the intimacy of their customer relationships and in turn retain a high level of customer satisfaction.

Synergy for MAX

Exact Synergy for MAX offers customer relationship management tools that can help you develop a deeper understanding of your customer base so you can build a lifetime of value. Add tools for Service Management, Document Management, Workflow Process Management, and more to your MAX MRP manufacturing software to create a powerful business management suite that has helped organizations ranging from the tech-savvy contract manufacturer to the multinational corporation.

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Sales Order Processing

Enter sales orders, ship and invoice products, satisfy customer inquiries immediately, and have a sales team that knows what's happening with each order.

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Quoting and Estimating

Quote accurate quotes quickly and win more business. Create, revise, and clone quotes. Automatically convert them to Sales Orders to achieve the quickest response time possible.

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Warranty Tracking

Manage the warranty process to accurately maintain shipment history, track defects in product designs, and generate repair or replacement orders quickly.

MAX Package Shipping

Track your company’s shipments with ease with MAX Package Shipping. Tracking data from the websites of carriers like FedEx and UPS flows seamlessly into MAX to allow you to manage the entire shipping inquiry process from a single MAX screen.

Advanced Shipping

Streamline the processes associated with allocating, picking and shipping orders. Finished goods inventory can be allocated to sales orders based upon priorities you control.

Advanced Forecast

Assemble and consolidate forecasts and apply statistical forecasting techniques so that "pie in the sky" forecasts can ultimately resemble reality.

Sales & Marketing Toolkit

Become more responsive to customer needs with a toolkit designed to reduce sales-related overhead and improve access to important historical business data.