MAX for Electronics Manufacturing

ERP for Electronics Manufacturing

Create leaner operations, manage complex global supply chains, and streamline your business processes to get your products to market faster. MAX gives you the visibility you need to manage every aspect of your supply chain, balance demand with production efforts, maintain optimum inventory levels, and keep your margins low.

To effectively address these challenges, a powerful ERP solution is a must. ERP is not a new concept, and there are various ERP solutions available for electronics manufacturers. The ideal solution should reach across departmental barriers and allow information sharing and process automation across the enterprise. It should provide the visibility you need to manage every aspect of the supply chain, balance demand with production efforts, maintain optimum inventory levels and meet customer expectations profitably.

MAX can turn these challenges into your competitive advantage. MAX is the proven solution that meets both your system and regulatory requirements with a straightforward and cost-effective approach. MAX’s integrated ERP system includes specific capabilities to manage your complex manufacturing environment, regulatory compliance and quality.

“MAX helped us significantly reduce our overhead personnel, and that has allowed us to grow profitably and reinvest in the business to continually develop new products and technologies.”

Mark Saab, President, Advanced Polymers

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Why Choose MAX?

MAX helps growing manufacturers control their resources with an easy-to-use solution that solves pressing issues across the entire business. MAX reduces the cost of manufacturing, automates manufacturing compliance, and improves profitability all while enhancing customer service and satisfaction.

With MAX You Get

  • A Valuable ERP Investment and Unmatched Expertise.
  • QuickBooks and Dynamics GP Integration.
  • Training & Implementation.
  • Custom Reporting and Analytics.

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