MAX for Medical Device Manufacturing

ERP for Medical Device Manufacturing

The medical device manufacturing industry faces some of the most challenging demands in the business world. Compliance with the FDA and other regulatory bodies, stringent quality assurance requirements and the urgency of meeting timetables is just the tip of the iceberg. Add the need to constantly reduce costs while increasing profitability and remaining competitive - it becomes crystal clear that managing the operation without the right amount of structure will lead to significant risk to the business.

There are various MRP solutions available for the medical device industry. But the ideal solution should reach across departmental barriers and allow information sharing and process automation across the enterprise. With the growing number of solutions available to the industry and significant functional overlap, the selection process has grown very confusing, especially when trying to maximize the cost-benefit ratio.

MAX is the proven solution that meets both your system and regulatory requirements with a straightforward and cost-effective approach. MAX’s integrated ERP system includes specific capabilities to manage your complex manufacturing environment, FDA compliance and quality.

  • Lot & Serial Control - Maintain audit trail, easy access to data, FDA, FAA and federal contract compliance.
  • Recall Management - Automate and document the recall process, conduct recalls with any information at hand, conduct mock recalls to improve efficiency.
  • Engineering Change Order Management - Track ECRs & ECOs, track approvals & notifications and project time tracking.
  • Customer and Service Management - Manage your sales and marketing processes in a way that you’re your customer relationships first and coordinate and manage all of your aftercare support and services more efficiently.
  • Document Control and Quality Analysis - Bring your entire quality program online and ensure that your next quality audit is smooth and worry free.
  • Shop Floor Execution - Track and control work-in-process, maintain work center, routing and queue status information.
  • Visual Shop Scheduling - Eliminate manual production planning, balance production limitations with customer demand for product, view and analyze work center details from the convenience of an integrated, desktop environment as opposed to using spreadsheets or even that whiteboard hanging in your office.
  • Warranty Tracking - Control repair and replacement of warranty controlled parts and products, control and monitor warranty cost, view up-to-date status on incoming units, repair orders, manage shipping of replacements.

“The implementation of Exact MAX went smoothly. It wasn't even six months and we had the software up and running, and we've been running our business on it ever since.”

Tom James, Materials Manager, Garrison Dental

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MAX helps growing manufacturers control their resources with an easy-to-use solution that solves pressing issues across the entire business. MAX reduces the cost of manufacturing, automates manufacturing compliance, and improves profitability all while enhancing customer service and satisfaction.

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  • QuickBooks and Dynamics GP Integration.
  • Training & Implementation.
  • Custom Reporting and Analytics.

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