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MAX Pricing Options


Known throughout the industry as "perpetual license" pricing, purchasing MAX means that you pay to own the software forever. Purchased software is sold with a maintenance contract, renewable each year, that covers continued development and technical support costs.

Buying MAX is an excellent option for companies that want to own the software outright and are prepared to make the initial capital investment.

Ownership Fees*
$3,500 / seat

MAX Subscription

Pay a monthly fee to use MAX over a three year term. Your monthly subscription includes all maintenance, support and product development fees and is automatically billed to your credit card. When you pay to use MAX, you'll wholly own all of your data and company IP, but you won't own MAX.

The subscription option is excellent for any manufacturing company that needs a mature and capable ERP system, but would rather avoid the large capital investment to purchase the software outright today.

Subscription Fees*
$125 per month / user

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*Maintenance, support, training and implementation are not included in published fees but will be included in your quote.

“I know our company is protected and our customers are protected because I can always find what I need with MAX.”

- Robin Gonzales, Director of Logistics, Blue Belt Technologies