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Expand Your Workforce Capacity With KnowledgeSync Event Manager

KnowledgeSync Event Manager is an enterprise-wide Business Activity Monitoring application that combines business intelligence, alerts and workflow to help you take valuable action on your MAX data. KnowledgeSync Event Manager monitors your MAX data in real time increasing your productivity by allowing your workforce to move in sync with minute-to-minute changes.

With Event Manger, you benefit from adding the following to MAX:

  • Exception management.
  • Real-time business activity monitoring.
  • Intelligent custom alerts.
  • Automated action triggers based on events.

Exception management, like a "smoke detector" for your business.

Even the most meticulously planned and controlled processes can go awry. KnowledgeSync Event Manager keeps an eye on the everyday activities that take place across your organization so you don’t have to. It looks for errors, omissions and inconsistencies before notifying you so those errors don’t become large problems as they compound downstream. The concept is known as managing by exception, and it will make your job (and your life) a whole lot easier.

Real-time business activity monitoring.

KnowledgeSync Event Manager can provide insight into past, current and future business activities that enable you to make more intelligent business decisions that protect the interests of your company.
Supporting a wide variety of email systems and web forms, KnowledgeSync Event Manager lets you analyze the content of incoming messages and submissions to determine who the content is coming from, what it’s about and how it needs to be handled by your organization, all automatically.

Intelligent custom alerts.

Event Manager generates and delivers standard forms and documents as well as custom analysis such as forecast sales reports, stock status reports, and financial reports. Forms, documents, and reports can be generated in any format (including HTML, PDF, Word, & Excel) and can be delivered to the appropriate recipients via email, fax, FTP or hyperlink. With KnowledgeSync Event Manager you can also Instant Message through Skype and share updates directly through Twitter.

  • Create an event that looks for new orders, generates the corresponding invoices, and then emails them to the appropriate clients.
  • Use KnowledgeSync Event Manager to monitor when a clients’ monthly sales drop from their norm so you know to make an immediate call on the account.
  • Easily share updates with colleagues.

Automated action triggers based on events.

Use KnowledgeSync Event Manager to set up actions that trigger workflows or the automatic distribution of information and documents. You have control over setting events based on both proactive and reactive business situations. By automating these processes with KnowledgeSync Event Manager, your business becomes more responsive.
Set up actions to automatically respond to:

  • Inventory that hasn’t moved in 25 days.
  • POs that haven’t been received.
  • Customers who haven’t bought anything in 45 days.

Get a fast return on your investment.

To help any MAX user (new or existing) realize a quick return on their BAM investment, KnowlegeSync Event Manager features a pre-configured EventPak that focuses on the monitoring and alerting capabilities of KnowledgeSync Event Manager. These pre-configured events require minimal setup and put you on the fast track to software ROI. Contact a MAX professional to discuss how KnowledgeSync Event Manager fits with the current state of your business.

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“We use KnowledgeSync Event Manager to automate the flow of information from production to shipping. It enabled us to automate a process that we would have had to devote a full-time person to if we’d tried to handle it manually.”

Thom Trainor, IT Manager, Fresca Foods

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