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MAX Grows With You

With MAX, you get ERP that grows with you, not only in terms of users but also in terms of functionality. MAX Add-Ons give you the flexibility to deploy additional software capabilities as needed to complement the investment you already made in ERP and help you scale.

Featured Add-On Solutions

  • Package Shipping provides a method for integrating tracking and rate information from FedEx and UPS to MAX.
  • Visual Shop Scheduler eliminates manual production planning with models to accurately evaluate and apply real-world work center conditions to balance production limitations and customer demand.
  • BOM Loader loads parts, BOMs, Manufacturers parts and BOM Notes from spreadsheets into MAX. This tool can be used to load thousands of records quickly.
  • Document Manager automates the process of sending out acknowledgements and invoices to customers as email attachments saving you processing time.
  • Data Collection fully integrates MAX with bar code data collection capabilities to give you real-time validation and processing of shop and material transactions.

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